Governance – College Board


College Board

The College Board’s role is to provide policy leadership and support for John Curtin College of the Arts.

Members of the Board participate in the development and review of college priorities (through the Business Plan development) and general policy directions. As a College Board for an Independent Public School, the Board has a financial oversight responsibility, the development of financial arrangements necessary to fund college objectives and priorities. The Board plays a role in the evaluation of the performance of the college in achieving its objectives.

In addition, the Board promotes the college in the community. The College Board also participates in formulating college values, codes of conduct and the dress code for students. Other functions are outlined in sections 70, 99(4), 100 (3), 108 (2) and 216(5) of the School Education Act, 1999.

In 2011 when the college became an Independent Public School, the role of our College Board changed to board governance through increased participation and decision making.

Members of Board are from a diverse range of backgrounds. The current board members includes, parents, teachers, administrators, industry and university academics. Each member brings a unique perspective to the board and this reflects the views of the general population.

Our new Chairperson is Simon Finucane. A Chartered Accountant with more than 20 years business experience gained in the international arena, having done business in more than 30 countries across the globe he has also lived in the United Kingdom and the United States of America.  Simon is a strategic thinker with strong financial and board experience and brings a governance and risk management focus to the board.

Currently Simon has been called away on business and we are pleased to have Cavelle Monck take on the role in his absence.

Other members of the board have extensive experience as members and chairpersons of private school boards totalling over 30 years and membership of public school councils and P&Cs. They have also been on University Academic Boards, the Library and Information Services of WA, the Business Process Review Board DET, the Board of Fremantle Education Centre, the CEO DSF Literacy and Clinical Services, the Parkerville Children’s Home Board, and the National Committee Literacy and Numeracy and Learning Difficulties.

Board Meetings

The Board meets on the first Wednesday of most months at 4.30 pm in the Principal’s office.

2016 Membership

Office Bearers Staff Representatives Parent Representatives

Chair – Cavelle Monck

Principal – Mitchell Mackay

Secretary – Miriam Hinder

Treasurer – Suzanne Rowley

Travis Vladich

Fiona Tholet

Nathan Curnow

Margaret Smythe (on leave)


Alex Ogg

Ertan Barkman

Tania Giles

Chontelle Sands

Grant Thomas

Hayley Rolfe

Megan Keep

Simon Finucane (on leave)

Business Plan

Created in collaboration with and approved by John Curtin College Board, Parents and Citizens Association and the staff at John Curtin College of the Arts.

The Business Plan forms part of a suite of documents including the Operational Plan, Workforce Plan, Financial Plan and the Delivery and Performance Agreement. All college priorities have resource allocations as listed within the College Financial Plan.

Business Plan 2016-18

Review findings John Curtin College of the Arts 2016