Gifted & Talented Programs


Applications for 2018 entry are now closed.

Our Gifted and Talented Secondary Selective Entrance Arts Programs in ballet, contemporary dance, drama, media arts, music, music theatre and visual arts provide your child with the opportunity to excel in their area of talent.

“Creativity is essential to the health and vibrancy of a community. The Arts is an instrument for capturing the creativity in all of us. Students at John Curtin are privileged to be immersed in such a creative, vibrant environment.”

Travis Vladich, Dean of the Arts

Applications are now closed for 2018.  Applications for 2019 will open in October 2017.

Performance and exhibition

Your child has the opportunity to participate in performances, exhibitions, concerts and other extra curricular activities, working closely with industry professional artists, technicians, directors, choreographers, musicians and composers. 

Art exhibitions

Students showcase their work throughout the year in professional settings including the Curtin Theatre and Fremantle Arts Centre, as well as exhibiting their work in State and national exhibitions including the Young Originals Exhibition and Year 12 Perspectives.

Music ensembles

Our unique music program provides students with the opportunity to participate in at least one of the college’s choral or instrumental ensembles. These include string, classical guitar, contemporary guitar, percussion, vocal, concert band and jazz band.

The Boys’ Project

This highly successful and popular program for male students involves workshops and activities across a range of mediums including comedy, physical theatre, dance and contemporary music. Boys work with professional male artists and showcase talents through semester performances.

The Project Company

A select group of ballet students with vocational aspirations can take part in this company to help them prepare for tertiary studies and the profession. Students selected for the company participate in industry modelled classes, rehearsals and contemporary and classical performances.


A unique feature of the Gifted and Talented Arts Programs is Enrichment. This important college program is designed to reinforce the holistic and evolving nature of the Arts, highlighting students’ Gifted and Talented disciplines and how they are influenced by other art forms.

Enrichment also provides students with the opportunity to work with a range of peers from other Arts programs. There are two Enrichment Programs: Rotational Enrichment and Music Enrichment. Gifted and Talented Music Program students are automatically enrolled in Rotational Enrichment.

Rotational Enrichment

In Years 7, 8 and 9 students are arbitrarily allocated into term rotations for enrichment programs and over the duration of the year students will experience four different programs. The Rotational Enrichment Programs aim to enrich students as artists and learners. Examples of Enrichment Programs that may be offered in Year 7, 8 and 9 include circus skills, communication, SFX make-up, production and design, stagecraft, and yoga and mindfulness.

In Year 10 students who participate in Rotational Enrichment select one Arts program for the whole year. This selection is similar to students participating in a minor Arts course alongside their gifted and talented program. Examples include dance, design, photography, drama, media arts, music theatrre, production or visual arts.

Music Enrichment

Students with ability and experience in music may elect to do Music Enrichment. This program includes instrumental lessons and ensemble rehearsals. Students who have been learning an instrument in primary school can continue with that instrument. There is an expectation that students remain in Music Enrichment for the four years of lower school. Students can also continue music in upper school.

Students study musicianship, music literature and concert practise. They have small group instrumental tuition once per week on the instrument they began in primary school. Participation in ensembles is compulsory and music enrichment students are placed in the ensemble appropriate to their instrument and skill level.


 “I felt safe, challenged and supported at school. John Curtin helped provide me with the tools necessary to begin my journey into a professional career in the arts, but more importantly it provided me with the tools necessary to begin my journey into adulthood and being myself.” Actor, dancer and singer John O’Hara, 1997 graduate

 “If it weren’t for John Curtin College of the Arts I wouldn’t be the person I am today. The people at that school embrace you for who you are, push you to strive for the best and give you the tools you need to prepare yourself for the ‘real’ world. I have the fondest memories of performing at John Curtin and I feel so grateful to have been given the opportunities the school gave me to be the best all round performer I can be.” Country singer, Chelsea Basham, 2007 graduate