John Curtin’s leading drama program will provide your child with opportunities to develop high level drama skills alongside other gifted arts students.

Students are encouraged to develop skills as independent learners, use the dramatic form to make their own statements and develop an appreciation of how the Arts are an integral part of society.

The benefits of our drama course are diverse. Students are given the opportunity to develop reading, writing, listening, speaking and performance skills, as well as foundations for interpreting, reflecting and analysing creative modes of expression.

The lower school program is a unique course that focuses on students practically exploring drama conventions, developing academic understanding and workshopping practical skills in order to provide learning experiences in drama that other schools in the State cannot offer.

Your child will broaden their knowledge and appreciation of drama as an art form, profession and life skill. Students are provided with opportunities to work with industry artists including professional actors and directors to explore scripted drama and develop specialist skills. Performance is a key component of the program and your child will have the opportunity to perform in front of a range of audiences in a variety of theatre spaces.

Lower school students are immersed in the conventions of drama and theatre. They are introduced to the drama forms and styles that influence contemporary theatre practice and practically explore the theories of renowned international and national dramatists in the application of scripted performance and devised drama.


Performances are an integral part of the Gifted and Talented drama course and attendance at all rehearsals and performances is compulsory. In Years 7, 8 and 9 the focus is on performance work that showcases the students’ class work to family and friends. There are performances for students twice a year. Opportunities are also given to students to extend and accelerate understanding through workshop and performance with industry professionals.

A feature of our drama program is the Guest Director Season for students in Year 10 to 12. Students work alongside professional actors/directors to produce a work that showcases all students to the local community in one of our state-of-the-art performance venues.

Throughout the students’ time at the college they may often be invited to perform for various community events. We promote professional industry standards and responsibilities. Once a student has made a commitment to participate, he/she is obliged to attend all rehearsals and subsequent performances, some of which will be outside school hours.

Selection process

Selection of students is through art workshops, interviews and school reports. All Gifted and Talented applicants are required to sit the Selective Entrance Test coordinated by the Department of Education.

Selection criteria:

Drama aptitude demonstrated through:

  • understanding the elements of drama by interpreting a prepared drama text
  • capacity to improvise including ability to extend a text, use creativity, originality of ideas and use of elements of drama
  • capacity to analyse set tasks and respond to ideas and instructions with imagination, cooperation and openness.
  • Academic and other achievement as indicated through school reports and interview.

Apply for entry into the Gifted and Talented Drama Program here.