Music Theatre

Music Theatre

John Curtin’s popular music theatre program combines dance, drama and music to provide your child with the skills to create, present and analyse music theatre.

Students receive tuition in a range of theoretical and practical areas including music theory and knowledge, aural perception, history and analysis of the musical genre, movement, character and theatrical performance skills.

The program is made up of four curriculum sessions per week. Two sessions are focused on music aural and theory development and two sessions are aimed at developing performances skills through character and dance.

As part of the School of Instrumental Music program, music theatre students develop vocal skills through small group voice lessons. These are timetabled on a rotation basis to avoid missing the same lesson. Extension classes occurring outside the curriculum time consist of vocal master classes and production rehearsals appropriately scheduled in the lead up to performances.

Music theatre students in Year 11 and 12 are offered a course leading to two distinct pathways. One focused on achieving an ATAR for tertiary admission, Contemporary Music in the context of music theatre with music theatre emphasis and the other a General Music course continuing the music theatre content.


Performance is an important aspect of this program and students will take part in at least two compulsory public performances over the course of the year. One performance focuses on a cabaret style ensemble production and the other presents a production with a through line and musical character journey. Rehearsal schedules outlining any after school and weekend commitments will be distributed for families to plan around these times.

Throughout their time at the college, students may often be invited to perform for various community events. Music Theatre Song and Dance Master class extension programs are provided for all years and compliment the music theory acceleration delivery.

Selection process

Selection of students is through art workshops, interviews and school reports. All Gifted and Talented applicants are required to sit the Selective Entrance Test coordinated by the Department of Education.

Selection criteria:

Music theatre aptitude demonstrated through:

  • originality and creativity of ideas and use of elements of music theatre (elements of dance, drama and music)
  • capacity to sequence and retain dance phrases
  • capacity to improvise and interpret text including ability to extend a text and use elements of drama
  • capacity to analyse set tasks and respond to ideas and instructions with imagination, cooperation and openness
  • achievement in aural acuity as demonstrated through playing or singing in a music theatre context
  • Academic and other achievement as indicated through school reports and interview.

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