Health & Physical Education

Health and Physical Education

Regular health and physical education activities are designed to improve students’ skill levels, interpersonal abilities and general wellbeing, which also contributes to their academic performance and overall happiness.

All students have opportunities to access a full suite of sporting activities including athletics, swimming and team sports. Your child can also participate in chess, debating, physics and environmental clubs, as well as psychology and computing clubs. The college chaplain also runs indoor lunchtime sporting competitions.

Health Education

Health Education focuses on prevention and resilience and covers areas of prime importance to adolescents living in a rapidly changing world.  Every Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 student participates in this learning area, learning how to ensure good health both now and in the future. The underlying principle of this subject is to produce well-informed young people who can make considered decisions to ensure their good health, physically, mentally, emotionally and socially.

Physical Education

The activities offered in the Physical Education program are designed to increase each student’s perceptual motor ability, physical health and social wellbeing. Research has shown that success in these areas can impact positively on a student’s success in other learning areas.

Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education provides students with practical skills useful in the natural environment and throughout their lives. Activities include canoeing, abseiling, camp craft, snorkelling, indoor rock climbing, bush walking, Bronze Medallion, mountain biking and sailing.

Physical Recreation

Physical Recreation offers students opportunities to gain confidence in a recreational group situation. Examples of sports which may be available include indoor court sports, squash, gym and swim (Fremantle Leisure Centre), body boarding, pool, table tennis, ten pin bowling, beach games and yoga.

Students also have the opportunity to make use of the college’s  Fitness and Conditioning Centre. Students will conduct self-evaluation of fitness levels and be assisted to develop a personal fitness program utilising this facility. Students are given full instruction on use and safety of all gym equipment and are supervised at all times during training periods.

Soccer Excellence Program

In addition to the general Health and Physical Education programs, the college offers a Specialist Soccer Excellence program which is available through John Curtin College of the Arts’ selection process for students in Years 7 to 11. John Curtin College of the Arts in partnership with YMCA(3979) delivers to Year 11 and 12 Soccer students a SIS20115 Certifcate II in Sport and Recreation : Soccer context. This certificate is run over two years commencing in Year 11. This highly successful program has already produced a number of graduates who have represented Australia and are playing in major soccer leagues throughout the world.

Upper School Courses

In Years 11 and 12 students have the opportunity to select Physical Education Studies, Health Studies and Outdoor Education. Students are also able to select SIS20115 Certifcate II in Sport and Recreation : General context which the college delivers in partnership with YMCA (3979). This certificate is run over two years commencing in Year 11. Our students consistently rate in the top 10 schools in the State in these upper school courses.