Soccer and drama students bring the ‘troubles’ to life

For the first time in college history, soccer and drama students from John Curtin College of the Arts unite to re-imagine Ben Elton and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical The Beautiful Game in a dark and powerful live theatre dramatisation.

The play sees a group of young footballers in Belfast in 1969 that attempt to realise their dreams and aspirations against this tragic backdrop of the protestant/catholic troubles.

Selected Soccer Excellence, gifted and talented drama and other arts students, as well as production students have combined skills, talent and hard work to create an original and thought-provoking performance piece, which is the first of its kind being performed at the college.

Drama and music student, Angus McRobbie (16) who plays central character Father O’Donnell, a catholic priest and vitriolic coach of the west Belfast boys, shares his thoughts in working with a range of students, including soccer specialists.

“It’s quite different and fun working with the soccer specialist students as I don’t usually have a chance to interact with them around school,” Angus said.

“I have an immense respect for my character as his morals with religion and society are similar to my own.”

Leading members of the production crew, Jacinta Wajon (17, Stage Manager) and Louis Greenwood (16, Sound Designer) comment on their roles.

“This has been a great experience because I have had the unique opportunity to work on a show written by Ben Elton and Andrew Lloyd Webber. It has been so much fun working with such a wonderful cast, crew and director,” Jacinta said.

“Re-imaging sound in the footsteps of Andrew Lloyd Webber has been an inspiring opportunity which has furthered my knowledge in sound design,” Louis said.

Director and drama teacher, Julia Perkins cannot thank Ben Elton and Andrew Lloyd Webber enough for their incredible creative generosity and support for this project.

According to Julia it is a unique theatre event uniting all specialist programs at John Curtin College of the Arts.

“The process has been extraordinarily exciting and we envisage a show that is sure to move, inspire and entertain,” she said.

Performances of The Beautiful Game are over the course of two nights and audiences may select either viewing of the show. 

5 August 2014                                                                    7:30pm

6 August 2014                                                                    7:30pm

This production is a must for every person with a love and passion for the theatre, football, design and a hell of a story!

The Beautiful Game is showing at the Curtin Theatre, Fremantle from 5 August to 6 August. Visit to book tickets.         

News article written by Year 11 Production student Tyla Bingham.

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