Charlotte Elton will take up a double degree in Sociology and Political Science at Cambridge University, England in September after her successful application to the prestigious university.

The John Curtin College of the Arts drama student received an ATAR of 99.7 and was the college’s top Year 12 student last year.

Charlotte said she applied to study at Cambridge University because she was interested in the unique experiences it would bring.

“My family is English and I visited the campus at the start of Year 12 and once I’d been there I knew I wanted to study there.

“I started researching courses online and now there is no turning back,” she said.

The application process is rigorous but her excellent Year 12 results put her in good stead.

“It was important for me to maintain my study life balance. I didn’t become a hermit and lose perspective. Success is related to being consistent across the whole year in all courses.”

Principal Travis Vladich acknowledged that students at John Curtin College of the Arts had the potential to study at reputable international tertiary institutions along with national and local universities.

“We are always pleased when our students have many choices for future opportunities after they graduate.

“Along with an academic qualification that education brings, public schooling opens many doors and creates well rounded citizens.”


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