College Board Nominations 2021

There are 3 positions up for nomination on the College Board this year, with each position a three-year tenure. Please read through the following biographies of parents who have nominated for tenure.

Voting opens on Monday 22 February 2021 and closes Friday 5 March at 4.00pm. Please notes that the results of the voting cannot be announced until the appropriate screening is completed.

Each family has ONE vote. Refer to the Connect notice for the link to vote.

Chantal Bourgault du Coudray

I have two daughters and two step-sons at the College, in years 9, 10, 11 and 12. I seek re-election to the Board. During my previous term I used my voice to support inclusive community connections both within the school and with external stakeholders. As Chair of Gender Studies in the School of Humanities at UWA, and a practicing psychotherapist at the Applecross Counselling Centre, I bring extensive experience of tertiary education and expertise in issues relating to gender, sexuality, mental health, identity and belonging. I also bring extensive Arts experience as a musician, dancer, theatre performer, screenwriter and film producer.

Michael Smart

I have worked in many senior management roles as a Chartered Accountant and Senior Program Manager across the health, finance and resource sectors for over 20 years. I have a wealth of experience in risk management, business planning and strategy.
I feel my skills and experience would be a valuable addition to the JCCA College Board, coupled with my passion to contribute to the future direction of the College beyond the 2019 – 2021 Business Plan.
I look forward to being part of the JCCA community as my daughter starts in the Music Theatre program this year.

Kieran Bell

I am a physiotherapist and currently work in private practice in the West End of Fremantle specialising in chronic pain and functional rehabilitation. I have a strong background in OHS. I have been a board member as a parent at Beaconsfield Primary School for almost 4 years and have gained a lot of perspective on the operation of the school in that time. I would hope to do the same being a board member at JCCA .

Paul Lewis

I have been on the School Board for the past three years and seek re-election.I have a Bachelor of Arts (Education), a Bachelor of Laws, a Graduate Diploma of Cultural Heritage Studies and am an AICD graduate. I am a lawyer and have practised in private and government sectors for twenty years. I am passionate about the arts (and their value in society) and believe JCCA has a unique role within the arts and education communities. I have been privileged to be involved with a school that has both a strong record of achievement and an engaging and accepting social learning environment.

Janelle Marr

Janelle is Founder and Managing Director of profit-for-purpose Step Beyond Strategy. She is a leading strategist, supporting organisations across multiple sectors including education and creative industries.
Recent customers include DLGSC, Perth Theatre Trust, Art Gallery, WA Ballet, Black Swan, Minderoo Foundation, Spare Parts, CAN, Jirrawun Arts, Regional Arts, Barking Gecko and Future Now.
Janelle is an experienced Company Director: current Councillor, Edith Cowan University; Patron, WAYJO; and past Chair, Screenwest.
Janelle is a JCC Dance Alumni; inaugural member, Youth Contemporary Dance Company; Quest for Excellence Award past recipient; and her eldest daughter is in Year 9 GATE Drama.

Kirk D’Souza

Kirk is currently Board Chair at Attadale Primary School, with 2021 being his eighth and final year. He joined the APS Board in 2013, developing a new marketing strategy, which reinvigorated the school’s brand and reversed falling student numbers. Kirk has 25 years marketing experience, with the last 10 running his own business. He holds a Bachelor of Business Degree and is a Leadership WA, Signature Leadership Program Alumnus (2015). Kirk enjoys coaching his daughter’s soccer team (FCFC U12 Girls), stand-up paddling, mountain biking and watching his kids’ drama, dancing, and musical performances.

Kristen Holmes

Hello, my daughter is starting at JCCA this year in the music program and I am passionate about supporting the school’s activities and programs as a board member. I am Dean of Research for Business and Law and a Professor in the School of Marketing and Management at Curtin University, with expertise in volunteer management. At my daughter’s primary school, I have been an active P & C member; the school WACSSO representative, attending WACSSO conferences; and a member of the school’s band committee, coordinating band camp, performances and workshops.

Michelle Dewell

I am the parent of a Year 8 GATE Drama student. I am passionate about quality education that supports every child to achieve their potential. My priorities would be on initiatives to enhance inclusivity, diversity and equality, underpinned by robust business-planning and governance. I began my career in the UK as a Chartered Engineer, progressing into project management and people leadership roles across various industries. Since migrating to Perth, I have held leadership positions in several State Government departments. I now lead a team delivering business intelligence reporting that enables data-driven decision-making, and transparency of government expenditure.

Steven Rowley

Steven Rowley is a Professor in the School of Accounting, Economics and Finance at Curtin University specialising in housing economics. He has been a senior academic leader for over a decade, with a focus on learning and teaching, contributing positively to numerous boards and committees both within and outside the University. With a detailed understanding of the University sector and the skills John Curtin students need to succeed in this rapidly changing environment, Steven is well qualified to contribute effectively to school governance and make a positive difference to staff, students and parents.

Jenny Hawkes

My name is Jenny Hawkes and my journey as a parent at John Curtin began in 2015. This year I have children in Years 9 and 11. I believe that John Curtin is a unique school which provides a safe and inclusive environment for all our children and is an asset to the broader community. I have experience of governance in both the Independent and Public Primary school sectors and have been actively involved in the College P&C since 2015. I have a multi-disciplinary background with undergraduate and post-graduate qualifications in both the arts and sciences and currently work in University Administration.

Ryan Hodgson

Twenty years in the screen industry Ryan has developed, financed and produced short, feature film and television drama, documentaries and multiple award-winning television commercial campaigns.
In a four-year engagement at Screenwest(2012-2016) Ryan managed more than $20M of production funding in projects with budgets totaling more than $150M. He also oversaw the agency’s production investment, business development and company travel funding programs, and advised the agency’s Chief Executive and Board on related policy matters.
From 2008-2011 Ryan was the Western Australian Chapter Head of Screen Producers Australia (SPA). Currently the Chair of Screen Voice, an industry organisation representing Western Australian based screen producers.

Jason Beeley

I’m Jason Beeley; my sons Freddie and Harry are in Drama in Years 10 and 7. Over the last 10 years working at the Office of the Auditor General, I have built up strong skills and experience in governance, accountability, integrity and public administration. I’ve been on the board at Beaconsfield Primary, I’m on the audit committee of a Federal agency. I believe that transparency and accountability are essential in successful and inclusive organisations, and as a Parent Representative on the Board I would value the chance to help the school continue to be a place where all our children can flourish.

Megan Keep

Megan Keep is an experienced member of the JCCA College Board and seeks to renominate for an additional term.
Megan is a current JCCA parent with her youngest child now entering year 11. Bringing expertise in marketing, public relations and philanthropy, and with a personal passion for diversity and innovation, Megan seeks to continue to make a contribution to the success of the College by supporting the Principal and working alongside members of the College Board.

Julia Daker

I have lived in Perth with my family for ten years and my child is in Year 7 at JCCA. I currently work as an advisor, supporting the development and delivery of government policy through consultation and engagement activities across Western Australia. I am a solutions-orientated person and value honesty, selflessness, hard work, legitimacy and integrity.
I am methodical but also look at options to do things differently. I am passionate about social justice and equality, particularly for people with disability.
I want to make meaningful contributions that encourage inclusivity, improve awareness and have an effective and sustainable social impact.

Soula Veyradier

Soula is a cultural producer, curator and arts manager having worked on projects across the visual arts and museum areas in Australia and overseas, and currently the Director of Programs for Internatinal Art Space. Previous roles include Manager of the Perth site of the Western Australian Museum, Manager and Curator of the Heathcote Museum and Gallery, Wireless Hill Museum and Melville Discovery Centre, Project Coordinator National Geographic in Greece and Coordinator Pulsart Artists Collective in France.

Gergely Pal

Having three kids, all in high school and two of them at JCC (Y7, Y9) I am a long standing member of our family in the capacity of a parent representative and consequently have considerable experience in dealing with both Strategic initiatives and every-day matters. I held a wide variety of roles in a number of schools ranging from student, teacher’s assistant, treasurer, coach, parent committee chair to mention a few. In all of these roles, my approach has always been a pragmatic, yet compliant one with the indispensable focus on fun. In my non-school capacity, I am an architect.

Murray Wesson

I am a new parent at John Curtin College of the Arts, where my daughter has just started the visual arts program. My career has been in education – I am a law lecturer at UWA Law School, and have previously taught law at universities in South Africa, Hungary and the United Kingdom. I also have board experience at Dalkeith Primary School. As a parent representative, I hope to represent the interests and concerns of parents, contribute legal expertise, and build links between the school and the university sector.

Tiziana Minardi

Tiziana is a skilled Finance Manager with over ten years of experience in various financial roles in large corporate entities in Europe and Asia.
With a strong background in business strategic planning & financial management, Tiziana is an Italian and Australian citizen who has experienced different education system, internationally and locally. Her family is deeply rooted in the local community.

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