BYOD Bring Your Own Device

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Students are encouraged to bring their own device to the college. While the school does not have a mandated device for students we recommend:

Apple iPad 7th Generation Wi-Fi only with 128GB of storage

We recommend iPads because they are lightweight, can access digital textbooks, can access the college network and the teachers are familiar with the devices.

If you own a different device already, then you are welcome to try using that device, however support will be limited and we can not guarantee that the device will work on the college network.

Students who are unable to bring their own device will not be disadvantaged. The college has MacBooks, iPads and Windows laptops available for student use at the discretion of the teacher.

We recommend that students use their device as an organisational tool and to store digital copies of their textbooks.

When purchasing a device, we encourage you to shop around and look for the best deal you can get. Please consider the need for extended warranty and accidental damage protection.

While we do not recommend one retailer over another, we have added online purchasing portals below as they offer a higher level of a discount.


Use Access Code: JCCA2020

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