BYOD Bring Your Own Device

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device):


John Curtin College of the Arts is pleased to provide the latest purchasing options on the JB purchasing portal. All devices listed in the portal are available for purchase. In 2022, devices will be mandated for years 7 and 8. For years 9 and above bringing a device is strongly encouraged as we move forward to expand our Bring Your Own Device program.

Due to a recent change in the regulations around selling of insurance products from ASIC / ACCC you are currently unable to purchase AppleCare to extend your warranty cover to include accidental damage. If you are wanting to purchase a device immediately we would strongly encourage you to check whether your home contents insurance would cover the device or consider a third party insurance policy to suit

Otherwise as and when AppleCare is made available we will update this message accordingly.

In 2022 John Curtin College of the Arts will be continue its mandated device program for students in Year 7 and 8.

For Years 9 and above in 2022, bringing a device is also required and recommendations can be found on this page, although no specified device is mandated.

The college will only support Apple iPads for years 7 and 8 as it will allow us to provide a targeted learning approach using technology. Apple Classroom will allow teachers to provide a controlled and guided student learning experience in class. This will help to eliminate the distraction that a device connected to the internet and filled with applications can provide.

Year 7-8  specified device 2022

Students in Year 7 and 8 are required to bring in a 128GB (WiFi only preferred) iPad capable of running iPadOS-14. Devices that cannot run iPadOS-14 will not be connected to the network or be supported. We recommend:

  • Apple iPad 9th Generation Wi-Fi only with 128GB of storage
  • One of the three protective cases from our JB portal
  • Apple Pencil

Years 9-12 Required device 2022

For students in Year 9-12 we recommend an iPad capable of running the latest version of iPadOS-14 or a MacBook. A MacBook is the recommended option for students in the Media Arts program. A MacBook will provide a larger screen and has the ability to run the full version of Adobe Premiere Pro, a video editing software suite.

Students using non-Apple devices (tablets or laptops) in Years 9-12 may still bring these to school however, this may impact the support available to them at the college.

Cases and Keyboards

We encourage the use of protective cases and keyboard peripherals for iPads. Our BYOD portal provides a choice of a keyboard case with an integrated battery, a keyboard case that is powered by the iPad itself and a sturdy protective case without an attached keyboard.

As the 9th generation iPad shares the 8th generation iPad’s dimensions, it will fit into any 8th generation case.


When purchasing a device, we encourage you to shop around and look for the best deal you can get. Please consider the need for some form of extended warranty and accidental damage protection.

While we do not recommend one retailer over another, we have added JB HiFi’s online purchasing portal below as they offer a higher level of educational discount and also provide guidelines on devices required for each year level.
If you can not afford a device please make contact with the college to discuss your options.




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