2021 College Board Scholarships

Each year the College Board awards scholarships to students to assist them with their studies, valued up to $1000. The Board is proud to be associated with the scholarship program and in the past four years have awarded 25 scholarships.

The 2021 College Board Scholarships are open to all Year 8 to 12 students at the college in 2021. There are three scholarship categories:
1.) The Robin Pascoe Creativity, Innovation and Imagination Scholarship
2.) The Elsie Curtin Respect, Care and Compassion Scholarship
3.) The John Cowdell Excellence Scholarship.

The scholarship will be credited towards the student’s school related expenditure (contributions and charges) for the current or following years. The amount for each scholarship will vary depending on the number of scholarships endorsed by the Board.

The scholarships will be selected by the Principal, Deputy Principal – Arts and Innovation, and Board Chair, and then endorsed by the Board.
Applications open on Tuesday 21 April 2021 and close on Friday 21 May 2021.

Selection criteria and nomination forms are attached at the end of the page.

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The Robin Pascoe Creativity, Innovation and Imagination Scholarship
• Students are creative by thinking and behaving with imagination, purposefulness and originality.
• Students value innovation and show capacity to take on new ideas in response to changing circumstance.
• Students can collaborate and explore, develop and work with ideas in a range of situations to solve problems.
• Students think and respond critically to ideas and experiences, reflecting on them and making informed judgements.
• Students achieve to their personal best.

Robin Pascoe was President of the College Board for more than 10 years and was a driving force behind the College of the Arts. He helped establish the college values which these scholarships are based on. His daughter, Hannah attended the school. Robin lectures in arts and drama at Murdoch University and he is heavily involved across the Arts scene in Australia and internationally through the International Drama/Theatre and Education Association.

The Elsie Curtin Respect, Care and Compassion Scholarship
• Students show mutual respect through cooperation and collaboration.
• Students act with integrity and positive character, especially in difficult situations.

• Students consistently demonstrate potential leadership qualities and encourage open discussion of ideas to strengthen and broaden understanding of each other.
• Students take an active role in family, community and college life.
• Students achieve to their personal best.

Elsie Curtin (1890 – 1975) was the wife of John Curtin, who was the 14th Prime Minister of Australia (1941-45) and the federal Member for Fremantle. Elsie provided advice and support throughout his political career. After his death she devoted herself to community affairs. She became a Justice of the Peace, was granted life memberships of the Royal Association of Justices, the Women’s Justices Association of WA and the Fremantle Labor Women’s Organisation. In 1970 she was appointed Commander of the British Empire for her services to the community. She officially opened the new John Curtin Senior High School in 1956.

The John Cowdell Excellence Scholarship
• Students demonstrate outstanding academic achievement and potential for future academic success.
• Students demonstrate a high level of commitment to the pursuit of excellence.
• Students pursue knowledge and understanding to the highest level.
• Students successfully achieve academic balance in all aspects of their education.

John Cowdell is a past John Curtin student. He was the first Friend of John Curtin College of the Arts, donates the WAAPA Excellence Award for Year 12 graduation, and regularly attends performances and contributes to the college. He was President of the WA Legislative Council and Chairman of the National Trust. He is a member of the Order of Australia, a Doctor of Letters of Curtin University, and is heavily involved with the Arts in Western Australia.


There are two nomination forms.

1.) Self nomination – where students can nominate themselves.
a. Students are required to include two referees (eg teachers, community leaders, coaches, tutors etc).

b. Students must write their own response to the scholarship criteria that is no more than one page and has no attachments.

2.) Nomination by representation – where students may be nominated by parents, teachers, other students or community members.
a. The person nominating writes a response to the scholarship criteria that is no more than one page and has no attachments.
b. Students nominated by a representative must sign and agree to each nomination prior to submission.
All applicants are subject to having Good Standing and cannot have any outstanding contributions and charges from previous years. Payment plans can be in place.

The scholarship will be applied to the student’s account and if there is a credit balance on the student’s completion of education at John Curtin College of the Arts, the balance will be refunded. If the student leaves the school during the school year of receiving the scholarship, no refund will be provided. Non- refundable courses ie Uniready will not be refunded.
Students are able to apply for this scholarship more than once during their time at the college. Students who have been previous recipients however are unable to reapply for any of the scholarships.

Applications can be posted, handed in at reception or emailed to johncurtin.col@education.wa.edu.au with the subject heading Scholarship Application.


Applications close Friday 21 May 2021 and no late applications will be accepted.

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