DIMBOOLA – Year 12 Drama


A number of our performances are essential as they are part of the curriculum. In line with the intent to minimise risk, performances will go ahead without an audience.

The college is pursuing alternatives so students can have the same experience and production quality. These will include filming and editing the performance to produce a high quality product, in class performances, or possible postponement. At the college we consider one of the biggest learning experience of any production is the process, which will continue as normal.

Patrons who have bought tickets to performances will be contacted about the process on receiving a refund.

Who doesn’t enjoy a good wedding? And what is a good wedding without family dramas, mayhem and humour!

Our Year 12 drama students play out the wedding reception from hell in Australian author, Jack Hibberd’s 1969 play Dimboola, which grew out of a reading in London of Checkhov’s The Wedding and Brecht’s A Respectable Wedding.

No holds are barred as two families come together for a wedding where they try to preserve social grace and dignity in the face of impending disasters. And there are plenty!

Great Hall (E6)

90 Ellen Street, Fremantle

3 and 4 April 2020


This function has been disabled for John Curtin College of the Arts.