Snow Queen

Project Company and Year 7 and 8 ballet

Artistic direction and choreography by Diedre Atkinson and Brooke Leeder

Based on Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale The Snow Queen, the ballet follows the enduring friendship of Kai and Gerda, and the eternal fight between good and evil.

Our professional ballet company and Year 7 and 8 ballet students present a performance full of wonder, magic and excitement as we join the evil Snow Queen and friends Kai and Gerda in this original work.

Best friends Kai and Gerda would do anything for each other. When Kai disappears Gerda sets out on an epic quest to save him from the evil Snow Queen. But can Gerda break the Snow Queen’s enchantment and save Kai?


30 November @ 7.00pm

1 December 12.00pm (Matinee) Special seniors discount price for matinee only, complimentary tea and coffee at interval and post show.

1 December 12.00pm (Matinee) Children come dressed in your favourite fairy tale character. Best dressed competition, meet the cast and back stage tour all included in student/child ticket price.

1 December @ 7.00pm

Curtin Theatre

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