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Feature news

  • John Curtin College of the Arts Teacher Wins Prime Minister’s Prize for Science Teaching 

    • Awards + Achievements

    Oct 17th, 2023

  • Admiral Mike Rogers Visits John Curtin College of the Arts

    • Cybersecurity

    Mar 03rd, 2023

  • JCCA Bush Tucker Garden and Dual Naming Announced

    • Arts

    Nov 07th, 2022

  • You’ll Stop Traffic! Crossing Upgrade at JCCA

    • In the community

    May 17th, 2022

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Members of the Board participate in the development and review of college priorities (through the Business Plan development) and general policy directions. As a College Board for an Independent Public School, the Board has a financial oversight responsibility; to develop financial arrangements necessary to fund college objectives and priorities. The Board plays a role in the evaluation of the performance of the college in achieving its objectives.

In addition, the Board promotes the college in the community. The College Board also participates in formulating college values, codes of conduct and the dress code for students. Other functions are outlined in sections 70, 99(4), 100 (3), 108 (2) and 216(5) of the School Education Act, 1999.

In 2011 when the college became an Independent Public School, the role of our College Board changed to board governance through increased participation and decision making.

Members of the Board are from a diverse range of backgrounds. The current board members include parents, teachers, administrators, industry, and university academics. Each member brings a unique perspective to the board and this reflects the views of the general population.

Meeting Minutes Summary

Board member biographies

Bianca Byrne

  • Geologist (BSc Hons) and artist
  • Extensive board experience:
    • Chair of resource board focused on governance, employee engagement, and organizational future-proofing.
    • Member of primary school board, developing strategic plans and governance.
    • Expertise in risk management and financial oversight.
  • Led the implementation of a whole-school science program for Science Week at BPS for five years.
  • Passionate about JCCA’s unique approach to integrating creativity with STEM and using it to tackle global challenges.

Roz Lipscombe

  • Career in culture, heritage, and the arts, particularly regional cultural development.
  • Developed and managed strategic projects and policies in State Government and the not-for-profit sector, focusing on Aboriginal arts and culture, community heritage, and worked on the executive team at the WA Museum.
  • Currently works in the Strategic Partnerships Team at Lotterywest.
  • Long association with Darlington Primary School, serving on the P&C and School Council.
  • Believes strongly in the value of arts education for all young people.

Preslava Vouteva

  • Mechanical Engineer and Principal Estimator at a major mining company.
  • Mother of a Year 7 student and current member of the JCCA Parent Committee.
  • Enjoys sports, reading, and supporting her children’s activities.
  • Motivated to help shape the future of JCCA and contribute her expertise to the board.

Michael Smart

  • Active member of the JCCA board and community for the past three years.
  • Two children attend JCCA (Year 7 Media Arts and Year 9 Music Theatre).
  • Qualified accountant with experience in senior management, strategic planning, and program direction in the finance sector.
  • Contributes valuable business skills and experience to the board, working on the strategic plan and securing funding for new college buildings.
  • Committed to continuing his service on the board.

Paola Polistena

  • Doctor specialising in Haematology and mother of two daughters at JCCA (Year 10 and Year 8).
  • Seeks to be more involved in her daughters’ school life and contribute to a positive learning environment.
  • Aims to promote parent-school collaboration and support initiatives that benefit students.

Soula Veryradier

  • Over 20 years of experience in senior strategic and operational roles in the arts and cultural sector.
  • Established exceptional creative programs and partnerships across various sectors, including government, universities, and community organizations.
  • Possesses an innovative approach to developing arts and community initiatives, informed by her understanding of WA’s cultural landscape.
  • Committed to using her expertise and networks to benefit the college.

David Clarke

  • Director of a risk consultancy firm in Perth.
  • Educated at Wesley College Melbourne and comes from a family of educators.
  • Advocates for a pragmatic approach to education that empowers students from diverse backgrounds to achieve their full potential in a safe environment.
  • Believes in fostering a positive and supportive school culture that celebrates student individuality.

Ann-Marie Ryan

  • Provides strategic advice to government, schools, and training providers on workforce planning for creative and digital technology industries.
  • Serves on industry advisory boards for TAFE and the Department of Jobs.
  • Passionate about ensuring broad access to arts and technology careers for students.
  • Eager to contribute her expertise and industry connections to the JCCA board.

Sally Harban

  • Sally is a passionate educator with over 25 years of teaching experience. Since 2015, she has been at John Curtin College of the Arts (JCCA), where she currently serves as Assistant Head of Science. Sally teaches Chemistry for Years 11 and 12, and Science for Year 10, including AEP.
    She actively contributes to JCCA’s success through data analysis to improve curriculum and supporting student pathways in science. Beyond the classroom, Sally is a member of the Finance and Sustainability committees. She is a dedicated member of the school community, organizing events like Science Week and attending student performances. Sally believes in collaboration between students, teachers, and parents to ensure the best possible outcomes for all students.

Fiona Tholet

  • Fiona brings over 30 years of leadership experience in Arts education to the College Board. She is a strategic thinker who focuses on:
    Building strong leadership within the school
    Empowering students to take ownership of their learning (student agency)
    Fostering cultural responsiveness and inclusivity
    Developing positive relationships with families and the broader community
    Staying current on best practices in education, including Quality Teaching Strategy – Teaching for Impact and Focus 2024
    Fiona is particularly interested in the upcoming iterations of key strategic plans, including The Strategic Directions for Public Schools (2020-2024), Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Strategy (2020 – 2024), ICT Vision for Teaching and Learning in Public Schools (2020 – 2024), and Building on Strength (2020-2024). She sees these plans shaping the next phase of JCCA’s Business Plan and is eager to represent staff on the College Board and share their insights with the leadership team.

Julia Mary

  • Julia Mary joined JCCA in 2023 as an English teacher. With 15 years of experience in public schools across Perth, Julia brings a love of the Arts to her teaching. Beyond traditional instruction, Julia has explored various artistic endeavors, including swing dancing, bass playing, script writing, and poetry performance. She is nearing completion of her PhD in Creative Writing (expected late 2023) and is excited to take on new challenges at JCCA.

Judy Hendrickse

Judy has taught in a range of educational sectors over her 21 years of teaching and in a range of contexts.

Judy truly believes in helping students thrive and value their educational experience and her goal is for every child to walk out of our College feeling cared for, enriched and inspired to create a better self and world they live in.

Judy is herself an artist and lover of the arts, working as a performer and dance tutor throughout WA prior to becoming a teacher. She remains engaged in the arts community outside of her role at the College and values the connection, skills and satisfaction that artistic disciplines have instilled in her as a person.

Introducing the 2024 College Board! (Left to Right)
Back Row:
Travis Vladich
Michael Smart
David Clarke
Julia Mary
Front Row:
Fiona Tholet
Sally Harban
Soula Veryradier
Roz Lipscombe
Ann-Marie Ryan
Judy Hendrickse
Preslava Vouteva

Absent Paola Polistena

2024 Board Meetings

The Board meets on the second Wednesday of most months at 4.30 pm in the PLA.

Meeting #Term / WeekDateTypeProposed Agenda
1Term 1 – Week 66th March 2024Board Meeting – ClosedBoard induction.Appointment of Board Chair and Secretary
2Term 2 – week 117th April 2024Strategic Meeting – Business PlanStrategic Board meeting, to start development of the next 3-year Business Plan  Board photo shoot.
3Term 2 – week 515th May 2024Board Meeting – ClosedOrdinary Board meeting.
4Term 2 – week 912th June 2024Board Meeting – OpenAnnual public meeting.Business Plan review update.
5Term 3 – week 514th August 2024Board Meeting – ClosedOrdinary Board meeting (including review and approval of 2025 school budget).Review and selection of Board scholarships.
6Term 3 – week 911th September 2024Strategic Meeting – Business PlanStrategic Board meeting to finalise the next 3-year Business Plan.
7Term 4 – week 216th October 2024Strategic Meeting – Board trainingDedicated 2-hour Board training, provided by the Department of Education.
8Term 4 – week 613th November 2024Board Meeting – ClosedOrdinary Board meeting.

2024 Members

Office BearersStaff RepresentativesParent Representatives
Chair – Michael Smart
Principal – Travis Vladich
Secretary – Jasmine Mavaddat
Treasurer – Suzanne Rowley
Judy Hendrickse
Sally Harban
Julia Mary
Fiona Tholet
Bianca Byrne Michael Smart
Roz Lipscombe
Preslava Vouteva
Paola Polistena
Soula Veryradier
David Clarke
Ann-Marie Ryan