Teaching & Learning

Teaching and Learning

Academic curriculum

At John Curtin your child will partake in an exceptional and balanced academic program.

John Curtin provides a rigorous curriculum focusing on high academic achievement in all learning areas for students across all year groups.

Your child begins secondary education studying core academic subjects in Years 7 to 10 including English, mathematics, science, humanities and social sciences, digital technologies and languages (Italian).

Students study their arts course alongside these core subjects and have equal access to all academic programs at the same time as their arts program. They also have access to vocational education and training, health and physical education, and design and technology programs.

Gifted and talented education

The college’s Secondary Selective Entrance Gifted and Talented Program delivery is based on a differentiated model which takes into account the needs and abilities of all students.

To meet the educational needs of gifted and talented students, our teachers recognise ability and implement programs accordingly.

The most able students need appropriately paced, rich and challenging instruction, and curriculum that is varied significantly from normal classrooms.

Working with like peers in a stimulating learning environment that is facilitated and taught by teachers with specialised expertise is the most significant factor in students achieving their full potential.

Curriculum differentiation

At John Curtin we follow a specialised differentiated approach to curriculum delivery which provides your child with opportunities to accelerate, extend and enrich their learning.

The college acknowledges that every student is unique and our differentiated curriculum accommodates students’ differing educational needs.

Acceleration allows your child to move through key concepts at a faster pace while fostering your child’s intellectual growth and proficiency levels.

Extension provides your child with open-ended activities and questions that invite curiosity, exploration and manipulation of ideas and materials at a deeper and broader level than would usually occur. Students are encouraged to focus on creativity, intellectual initiative, critical thinking, responsibility and leadership.

Enrichment aims to add to your child’s knowledge and skills by engaging them in a range of activities such as excursions, guest speakers, competitions, debating, special projects and student conferences.

At John Curtin, students are continuously challenged to achieve their personal best and to enjoy the learning.

Upper school courses

As part of the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE), John Curtin offers more than 25 School Curriculum and Standards Authority (formerly Curriculum Council) courses including the highest level subjects such as specialist mathematics, physics, chemistry and English literature.

Gifted and talented students continue with their specialist subject into upper school.

We also offer endorsed programs and nationally accredited courses from which students can compile their course selection to meet WACE requirements.

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