About Us

About Us

With an outstanding record of achievement both academically and in the Arts, John Curtin hosts a range of exciting opportunities for your child to thrive in our unique learning environment.

As Western Australia’s only Selective Arts College, John Curtin College of the Arts caters for over 1500 students from across the State offering gifted and talented courses in media arts, dance (ballet and contemporary), drama, music, music theatre and visual arts.

With four decades of experience in gifted and talented education, the college is renowned for delivering quality arts programs and a specialised differentiated curriculum. This provides an exciting approach to learning through specialised and innovative teaching that supports high academic performance.


At John Curtin, students are stimulated and challenged to reach their potential and pursue their dreams through the college’s commitment to learning for life. The college has an academic balance policy which identifies how essential it is for all students to achieve to their full potential in all areas of their learning and have a variety of choices at the completion of secondary schooling.

Students learn in a safe, caring and supportive environment which is responsive to their particular abilities and learning style. They enjoy learning through active engagement in the Arts. Their involvement in exhibitions and performances enhances their creativity, innovation, imagination, problem solving, collaboration and open expression of ideas in all areas.

Academic performance

More than 50% of students place in the top 20% of student scores both nationally and state-wide for testing in mathematics, English, science and humanities and social sciences.
Graduates have completed tertiary studies in medicine, law, engineering and science, as well as the Arts and go on to study at top international universities such as Cambridge and Oxford in the United Kingdom and prestigious universities across Australia.


Our students are taught by highly qualified teachers who have been chosen specifically for their specialist knowledge and expertise, and dedication to teaching gifted young people.

All teachers are trained to work with highly gifted, academic and artistic children and undertake ongoing professional development.

Many of our teachers are also gifted academics and performers. They are well connected to industry and can access arts industry based professionals, such as tutors and artists in residence, to enrich students’ learning. All teachers are committed to fostering individuality, creativity and self-expression.

Leadership and community

A rich suite of opportunities exists for children to be engaged in a broader culture of leadership activities with positions of responsibility ranging from Student Council representatives to sporting group captains and peer support leaders.

These opportunities enable our students to lead with conviction and help develop your child’s self esteem and organisational skills.

Our parental community is highly engaged and has a strong connection to their child’s education.  We encourage all parents to be active in their child’s education by participating on the College Board, P&C Committee and Arts Parent Support Committee.

The college encourages students to be environmentally responsible and respectful of their natural surroundings. A rich infusion of environmental matters is embedded in the curriculum.

Advanced technology

At John Curtin College of the Arts, every child has access to new media technologies and support which allows them to investigate and engage with subject matter and develop essential literacies for the 21st century.

The college encourages all students to engage the use of modern computer technology as an integral part of their learning.

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