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Feature news

  • John Curtin College of the Arts Teacher Wins Prime Minister’s Prize for Science Teaching 

    • Awards + Achievements

    Oct 17th, 2023

  • Admiral Mike Rogers Visits John Curtin College of the Arts

    • Cybersecurity

    Mar 03rd, 2023

  • JCCA Bush Tucker Garden and Dual Naming Announced

    • Arts

    Nov 07th, 2022

  • You’ll Stop Traffic! Crossing Upgrade at JCCA

    • In the community

    May 17th, 2022

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As WA’s only Selective Arts College we offer seven Gifted and Talented Programs. Our specialised teachers and facilities let our students pursue their passions.

Our programs are guided by the principles of Gifted and Talented education, enhancing academic learning and helping students reach their full potential.

Creative Intelligence
Future Intelligence

GAT Outline

Find out more about how GAT courses work at the College, participation in enrichment and extracurricular activities, the balance of academic activities and more.

Dance - Ballet

Our Gifted and Talented Ballet Program is a vocational course that develops skills, techniques, creative abilities and academic achievements to transition students into a wide range of university or tertiary training courses.

Contemporar Dance student

Dance - Contemporary

Our Gifted and Talented Contemporary Dance Program is designed to develop the skills, techniques, creative abilities and academic achievements required to transition students into a wide range of university or tertiary training courses.


Our Drama students are provided with opportunities to work with industry artists including professional actors and directors to explore scripted drama and develop specialist skills.

Media Arts

Students have the opportunity to showcase their work at least twice per year in Film Festivals and participate in extension activities including industry simulations, exhibitions, competitions and filming live events and productions.

Music Theatre

The Music Theatre program at the College promotes a diverse range of performance opportunities for participating students, allowing them to build up confidence and practical experience alongside their curriculum.


At the College our Gifted and Talented Music students don't just perform solo! Our music students bring the performances of our theatre cohort to life and those productions are only the beginning of the opportunities our music students have to play with what they practice.

Visual Arts

In our arts studios, a blank canvas doesn't stay that way for long. Our Gifted and Talented students interpret their lessons with their own unique perspectives, treating the community to an unending stream of new and inspiring art pieces to showcase in the theatre and collaborating galleries.

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