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Feature news

  • John Curtin College of the Arts Teacher Wins Prime Minister’s Prize for Science Teaching 

    • Awards + Achievements

    Oct 17th, 2023

  • Admiral Mike Rogers Visits John Curtin College of the Arts

    • Cybersecurity

    Mar 03rd, 2023

  • JCCA Bush Tucker Garden and Dual Naming Announced

    • Arts

    Nov 07th, 2022

  • You’ll Stop Traffic! Crossing Upgrade at JCCA

    • In the community

    May 17th, 2022

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General information

Our vision is to create a vibrant and successful secondary College with a culture of success and a comprehensive curriculum to enable your child to aspire to excellence.

College First Day for Students

Wednesday 31 January 2024
The payment of voluntary contributions and compulsory charges can take place prior to the first day for students at our administration building. See below our opening dates and hours.
Secondary Assistance Scheme (SAS) includes the Education Program Allowance (EPA) and Uniform Allowance form can be completed at this time. Please make sure you bring any relevant concession cards with you if you are applying for the EPA.
Payment of Voluntary Contributions and Compulsory Charges Office Opening Hours Prior to Commencement of School Year:

  • Wednesday 24 January 2024
  • Thursday 25 January 2024
  • Monday 29 January 2024
  • Tuesday 30 January 2024

Personal items

Recommended personal and stationery items are detailed on the relevant Resource List for each year group. Items may be purchased from Campion, our preferred supplier or parent/carers have the option of shopping around. If you intend using Campion please follow the instructions on the document/s.

SmartRider Cards

SmartRider cards are ordered for all new students on commencement and arrive by Week 4 of Term 1. The cost of the initial card is $5.00. All cards include a photo for identification purposes. Replacement cards can be issued at the cost of $5.00 per card. Students are requested to pay this via the Qkr! payment method or at the Learning Centre before the replacement card can be ordered. Further information is available in the Student – Parent Handbook and on our website.

Student lockers

A limited amount of lockers will be available for student use in 2024. Students must provide their own padlock to secure the locker at all times. Locker use ends at the conclusion of the College Year.


Small, medium and large lockers are available for students at no cost.

If students wish to use a locker:

1. Select a locker

2. Put belongings in locker

3. Apply a padlock.


· The locker is secure at all times. A padlock must be provided by student.

· Only 1 locker per student.

· Students may share a locker.

· The student(s) are responsible for their locker. Any damage to the locker and subsequent repairs due to neglect may be the subject of additional costs for the student(s).


· It is the responsibility of the student(s) for maintaining a clean and food free locker.


· No graffiti in or on the locker. Should this appear during the term of hire, the student(s) must clean it up, subject to the satisfaction of Student Services.


· The student(s) are responsible for removing the padlock and all belongings, rubbish, etc by Monday Week 10 of Term 4. Should the padlock not be removed by this time then the padlock will be cut off and belongings donate to charity.


· Misuse will cancel your opportunity to use a locker.


· All belonging in the locker are the responsibility of the student(s). The college takes no responsibility for any belongings damaged or stolen from lockers.

Secondary Assistance Scheme (SAS)

Education program allowance

Applications close Thursday 28 March 2024

The Western Australian Department of Education provides an allowance to assist eligible families with secondary schooling costs. The Education Program Allowance will be paid directly to the college and will be applied to charges in the first instance, with any residual to be applied to the voluntary contributions (for years 7-10).  For Year 11 & 12 students in receipt of the allowance, the funds will be applied directly to Compulsory Charges. The allowances below are available to secondary students providing the eligibility criterion is met. Education Program Allowance Applications close Thursday 28 March 2024.

The allowance consists of two components:

  • $235.00 Education Program Allowance paid directly to the college and applied to charges for Years 7 – 12 as stated above.
  • $115.00 Clothing allowance paid directly to the parent/carer or to the college if you wish the money to be allocated towards college compulsory charges.

ABSTUDY Supplement Allowance

The ABSTUDY Supplement Allowance is available to valid Department of Human Services (Centrelink) cardholders;
this funding supplements the Department of Human Services
(Centrelink) ABSTUDY Fees Allowance payment. Applicants apply through the Department of Human Services (Centrelink) for the ABSTUDY Fees Allowance. A payment of $79.00 is then made to the College directly by Centrelink.
Furthermore, the college or parent/carer must have received the School Fee Allowance of $78.00 or $156.00 from the Department of Human Services (Centrelink) as part of the student’s ABSTUDY School Fees Allowance. Payment of the ABSTUDY Supplement Allowance is made directly to the college and will be applied to voluntary contributions for Years 7 – 10, and charges for Years 11 and 12.
Please note that the Secondary Assistance Scheme cannot be claimed as well as this allowance.

Eligibility criteria

The parent or carer must be the holder of a card that is valid during first term. The only exception to this is when a student holds a health care card in their name and is declared an independent youth by the Department of Human Services (Centrelink) (e.g. living away from home). In this instance, a letter of confirmation from Centrelink needs to accompany the application. Parent or carer must hold one of the following cards:

  • Centrelink Family Health Care Card
  • Centrelink Pensioner Concession Card
  • Veterans’ Affairs Pensioner Concession Card (blue card only)

The allowance is paid up to and including the year the student turns 18 years of age. Applications are made by the parent or carer for students enrolled in Years 7 – 12. Application forms are to be completed at the college during term one and close Thursday 28 March 2024.

Processing of payment

These forms are now forwarded electronically to Schools Resourcing and Support Directorate for processing which allows the Uniform money to be credited to Parent/Carers’ accounts faster. (Allow 5-10 working days). Schools Resourcing and Budgeting Directorate will endeavour to have all clothing payments made to the parent/guardian by 31 May 2024.

Late applications

Late applications will only be accepted in extenuating circumstances and must be accompanied with a written explanation OR the student has recently arrived from interstate or overseas and enrolled after the end of first term.

Payment of Contribution and Charges

We believe that the best way to provide a quality education is through the provision of resources and equipment for our students. These resources and equipment, although supported by our public education system, are also provided through the payment of contributions and charges. We have endeavoured to keep these contributions and charges to a minimum; however, your support in paying those listed here for your child will enable our College to enhance our initial buildings and learning environments. We recommend you start making plans now so that you are in a position to pay your voluntary contributions and compulsory charges prior to the end of Term 1. Funds collected within the year are spent on resources for that year. We appreciate that the payment of these contributions and charges can be a financial burden for some families. Should you be experiencing difficulties with making these payments, please contact our administration office.

The College makes provision for the following payment options:

Payment Plan

Utilising BPOINT for credit card payments, Direct Debit and Qkr!
To download the Payment Plan form click here.


BPAY using the information on the Contributions & Charges Sheet eg: Student Number (SN).

Internet Banking to: BSB: 066 040 Account No: 19902167. Please ensure the following information is entered in the details section:

  • Name, Yr, SN – (located on the Contributions & Charges Sheet eg: John Smith Yr8 24458404)


Qkr! Payments – download Qkr! by Mastercard

Phone/device App download Qkr! by MasterCard for iPhones/iPads or Android Computer go to

To make payments select John Curtin College of the Arts from ‘Nearby locations’ or type John Curtin College of the Arts.

Credit Card

Visa or MasterCard only. By completing the credit card information at the bottom of the Contributions & Charges Sheet and posting to the College.

Telephone or in person

By telephone using credit card facilities on 9435 0753.
In person during office hours (8:00am – 4:00pm).

Contribution and Charges information

The following information is provided in the hope of making the College charges and contributions structure clear for parents and
carers. John Curtin College of the Arts – College Board has directed our efforts towards keeping costs as low and as equitable as
possible. The John Curtin College of the Arts – College Board has ratified the contributions and charges structure and has approved
the amounts shown in accordance with the Education Act.

Where do contributions and charges go?

Some examples include: ingredients in food production, art materials, timber, metal, consumable tools, external instructors, sporting equipment, etc. For Years 7 to 10 the maximum voluntary contributions a College may charge is currently fixed at $235.00, however additional compulsory charges above that figure can be requested for consumables and additional resources. For Years 11 and 12 there are no maximum charges set by the State Government. Schools endeavour to set their own charges for these years and such charges are compulsory. (The school can also request a 50% confirmation charge for these years).

Voluntary Contribution Years 7 – 10

Revenue collected from your voluntary contributions is used
to help cover expenses for students in compulsory learning areas. Examples of these expenses are mathematics, English, science, humanities and social science course materials, physical education equipment, information & communication technology (ICT) equipment, information technology network and electronic and photocopied materials.

Compulsory Charges

Extra cost courses (electives) outside the basic core program incur additional charges above the voluntary contribution of up to $235.00. For example; Gifted and Talented courses, sports, visual art, woodwork, metalwork and food technologies attract compulsory charges for items such as consumable materials and venue hire. The School of Instrumental Music (SIM) program also incurs extra charges. Charges relate to items that students consume over and above what is supplied by the Department of Education. Charges for electives are required to be paid in full by 1 March 2024. Charges for high cost electives (over $55.00) are required to be paid in full by Thursday 28 March 2024.

Year 11 and 12 Student Charges

All subject costs for Year 11 and Year 12 students are consideredto be charges and therefore payment is compulsory. Charges will depend upon the course chosen. Some specific courses will incur higher costs. These are due to items such as text books, subject specific resources, materials, excursions, certificates and work placement. Students involved in work placement must pay the associated fees prior to commencement of the work placement. All charges are required to be paid in full by Thursday 28 March 2024.

Who should pay?

Given that all students benefit from the pool of collected fees, it is fair to expect that all parents or carers should pay the balance of voluntary contributions and charges. All would agree that it is unfair for those parents or carers who meet their financial commitments to be seen to subsidise the education of those students whose parents or carers do not pay their contributions and charges. The College is committed to an even-handed and responsible approach so that all parents or carers should make contributions towards their children’s education.

A Compassionate View

The College is only too aware that the payment of College contributions and charges can be a burden for some families. Part payments and deferred payments are available to support parents or carers experiencing difficulties. However, we do need to talk to you about this. Ignoring accounts and reminders is unhelpful to all parties. The College is also keen to assist parents or carers in selecting options that they can afford. To this end subject charges will always be provided to parents or carers prior to selection of subjects.

Collecting Contributions & Charges

The College will take a positive approach to collecting contributions from parents or carers of students. In particular, the College will highlight the benefits to students if all parents or carers meet their contributions. The College will actively seek full payment of charges.

  • In 2024 statements will be directly emailed to the fee biller.
  • Compulsory charges unpaid as at the 12 December 2024 will be referred to a debt collection agency in January 2025 unless prior arrangements have been made.
  • Outstanding charges are rolled over to the student’s record in the following year.
  • Parents who do not communicate with the school and have made no effort to pay will be referred to our debt collection agency as permitted in the regulations.
  • Year 9, 10, 11 and 12 high cost subjects may require a 50% confirmation charge prior to enrolment.

Year 7 – 12 Extra Costs

Year 7 – 12 Extra Costs Optional Components Of Education Programs Anticipated Excursions, Incursions, Camps And Competitions:

As required by the Department of Education, we are informing parents and carers of the planned excursions, incursions, camps and competitions that may take place in 2024. If your child is in one of the following categories, your child may be participating in the relevant activity. The costs of each activity will not exceed the amount given. There may be additional excursions that have no cost to the parents or carers. There may also be extra activities undertaken by your child that may not be listed above but may incur extra costs. The additional costs per student will not exceed $300.00. You will be contacted with the details closer to the activity date – Do not pay for these activities until advised.

Voluntary approved requests

ICT Support

This $85.00 cost is used towards the resourcing and updating of ICT materials for all students. It’s a valuable resource in assisting your child with their education programs and having access to the most up to date and modern technology. The Department of Education provides limited funding to provide resources for this centre.

Learning Centre Contribution

The Learning Centre contribution of $15.00 is used by the College
to purchase a large and expansive range of equipment and books. The Department of Education provides limited funding to provide resources for this centre.

College Buildings and Grounds

The College earnestly seeks your continued support by appealing to parents for a contribution of $10.00 per student. This amount appears on the College contributions sheet. This contribution enables the College to continue to support improvements to the College grounds and classroom for student’s use.

College Pastoral Care

A payment of $30.00 is used to support the presence of a non-denominational chaplain who is an integral part of the college’s student services program and is not an employee of the Department of Education. This position is solely funded by the community and your donations.

Parents and Citizens (P&C) Contributions

The P&C is compromised of voluntary members who make a vital contribution to the College. This $30.00 contribution enables the P&C to fund various school project for students.

Other optional costs

School Yearbook

Encore, the College magazine is available for all students at the end of the year for a cost of $25.00.

Year 12 Yearbook

This yearbook is compiled by the Year 12 Student Council, cost will be advised upon completion of the booklet and will be available at the Year 12 Breakfast later in the year.

College Diary/Planner

All students will receive a complimentary digital College planner, accessible for download through SEQTA. Students have the option to purchase a physical diary or planner at their own expense.

The Legal Position

The State government through the Department of Education provides placement at educational facilities for all students who choose to attend government schools. The Department also pays for the salaries and wages of all teaching and school support staff plus costs such as repairs, maintenance and utilities. The government does not provide for many of the goods and services which students use and it is reasonable for parents and carers to meet these costs.

Any questions or queries please contact:

Suzanne Rowley-Manager of Business Operations

Liane Hadlow-Manager of Corporate Services