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    Oct 17th, 2023

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    Mar 03rd, 2023

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    Nov 07th, 2022

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    May 17th, 2022

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For students participating in the Gifted and Talented program the expectation is that they will uphold a standard of attendance and commitment to the subjects related to their Gifted and Talented stream.
  1. Attendance and Punctuality
  2. Arts Immersion
  3. Code of Agreement
  4. Exit Procedures
  5. Extended Leave
  6. Gifted and Talented Monitoring Program
  7. Uniform Requirements

Attendance and Punctuality

A high level of attendance and punctuality is necessary for students to achieve their full potential. The Department of Education has identified at least 90% attendance as the requirement for full participation in learning.

All Gifted and Talented Arts Programs involve additional lessons, workshops, rehearsals and performances that are scheduled beyond the normal college day. Information regarding these requirements will be provided to students and parents/caregivers before the commencement of the school year. However, sometimes it is necessary for changes to be made to schedules and at times some activities depend on the availability of community artists, performers and directors and it is difficult to provide more than a term’s notice of these activities.

Learning to manage travel time, homework and subject requirements is a college priority and students need to learn organisational skills to effectively plan and manage their study program in all subject areas.

All learning areas address this requirement by embedding the learning of management and organisational skills into the programs.

Arts Immersion

All arts students have the opportunity to participate in activities, excursions and tours. Such experiences allow the students to accumulate a broader understanding about the global and historical context of the arts in their chosen speciality.

Code of Agreement

John Curtin College of the Arts is committed to ensuring learning occurs within a caring, safe and supportive learning environment that is responsive to students’ particular abilities and learning styles, and which challenges and engages them to excel.
A Code of Agreement for students, parents/carers and staff identifies the specific requirements relating to the Gifted and Talented Arts Programs. This is to ensure that students can work effectively and cooperatively in all of their studies at the college. Students and parents/carers sign this agreement on acceptance into the college. Adhering to the elements of this agreement is expected of all students.

Exit Procedures

It is required that students who accept a position in a Gifted and Talented Arts Program continue in that program for the remainder of their secondary schooling through to Year 12.

  • One of the student’s Year 11 and Year 12 subject choices must be in the area of the arts under which they gained entry to the college.
  • If a student does not live within the college catchment boundary then exiting from the Gifted and Talented Program would mean that their enrolment at the college could be impacted.
  • For students living outside the catchment boundary, exiting the Gifted and Talented Program can impact their enrolment at the College. 
  • Students cannot transfer between gifted and Talented programs during the school year.
  • Students in Year 8 may apply to change their program for Year 9.
  • Students in year 10 may apply to add an additional Gifted and Talented Program for year 11-12. This requires a separate application via the DoE Gifted and Talented selection process.
  • Both the latter and former are subject to the availability of places in the desired program.

Extended Leave

The Gifted and Talented programs have a developmental structure and any extended absence may seriously affect the progress of the individual student as well as the progress of other students in the program. This is especially significant in group assessments that may extend over a period of time. The Department of Education has taken a firm position against extended student leave for holidays during school term. All requests for extended absence must be submitted through Student Services and approved by the College Executive.

Gifted and Talented Monitoring Program

For Gifted and Talented students to engage fully in all the opportunities provided at the college, a monitoring system is in place to provide assistance and support. The Student Services team and learning support specialists work together to provide guidance and assistance.

Students enrolled in a Gifted and Talented program who are unable to meet the requirements of the Code of Agreement will be monitored and this can result in their status and place in the program being reviewed.

The college provides support so students can make the most of all the opportunities available in the Gifted and Talented programs.

Uniform Requirements

The college has a specified uniform and students are expected to accept the requirements in order to always retain Good Standing Status and have access to all the extra opportunities provided at the college.

Some Gifted and Talented programs have specified dress requirements and it is essential that these requirements are purchased in time for the start of the college year.

To ensure students have adequate uniform items, parents/carers are expected to place orders at the end of the previous year. Winter items should be ordered at the same time to ensure students have requirements in sufficient time for the colder months.

Uniforms are available from the college Uniform Shop on Thursdays from 8am to 11am, otherwise from Uniform Concepts’ Willetton Super Store from Monday to Saturday. See our Uniforms page for more information.