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More news

We are so proud of our Year 10 Visual Arts students, Erin and Cecile for their incredible animations created for the 3|Thirty WAnimate Awards! This international animation competition challenges participants to create a 30-second animated short in just 3 months.

Erin, Year 10 Visual Arts student at John Curtin College of the Arts, won the Schools Category at the prestigious 3|Thirty WAnimate Awards. Erin’s winning animation, is a hilarious and heartwarming.

Cecile and Erin’s animation skills are truly outstanding, and their work is both creative and innovative. They are an inspiration to their peers and to the entire school community. We are so proud of their accomplishments! 

In a recent Q&A, Erin shared some insights into her creative process: 

Q: What inspired you to create animations for the 3Thrity WAnimate competition? 

I’ve always wanted to get better at animating, so I was very excited to try challenge myself to make something for the competition. 

Q: Did you sketch and produce all the artwork yourself? If so, do you have a vision board of your process that you can attach? 

I did sketch and produce all of the art! I drew several concept sketches of the characters and their house layout before I started working on the animation so I could keep the drawings consistent throughout the video. I’ve attached some of the concept designs for the project. 

Q: What were your goals for your animations? 

My goal for the project was to create and finish a fully coloured animation, and I wanted it to be light-hearted and fun for the audience to watch. 

Q: What challenges did you face in creating your animations? 

Animating in itself is a big challenge for me, and although I’ve animated shorter clips, I have never attempted something this big before. Also making the movements of the characters flow nicely and not look wrong was very hard for me. Balancing school assignments along with this was also difficult. 

Q: How did you improve your animation skills? 

To improve my animation I did look at a couple tutorials on YouTube, for example, a laughing tutorial (as I had no idea how to make those movements look natural.) For anyone else new to animation I would definitely recommend watching tutorials to get your head around complicated movements. 

I think the project improved my resilience and motivation as I was forced to animate every day to make the deadline for the competition (which was definitely a struggle) but it was still very fun to make! 

Q: What software do you use to create animations? 

I used the app FlipaClip (premium) for the animation and used procreate to draw in the stationary backgrounds. 

Q: What are your favorite animation films or TV shows? 

I’m a big fan of Studio Ghibli movies! 

We are so excited to see what Erin does next! Congratulations, Erin!